Shadowrun: Sixth World Tarot Arcanist and Echo Arcana Set

The reviews are in:

"Not all Tarot Decks are created equally, nor are all Tarot Books. For the Tarot aficionado, Sixth World Tarot and its stunning 'little white book', Echo Arcana: Power of Symbolism in the Sixth World Tarot, offer interesting insight into the history and design of Tarot decks throughout the ages. Echo and Lazarus Chernik have created a novel and bright response to Tarot tradition, infusing it with the same dark sense of play that the original Italian cards likely offered. They also engage with the divinatory tradition of Tarot using a light hand and intuitive touch. A visually splendid experience, this Tarot is engaging for artists, historians, gamers and soothsayers alike."

Dr Danuta Raine
PhD (English) 2015, GDip Ed 2004, BA (Hons I) 2003

Every box and book is signed by Echo and Lazarus Chernik inside them.

The Sixth World Tarot is a stunning collection of Shadowrun art by Echo Chernik, and it now comes in a larger size! This deck gives the gorgeous art the spotlight it deserves, letting users take in the full details of these images. Whether you're using them as a game aid, art collection, or functioning tarot deck, these cards do their job beautifully!

The Sixth World Tarot Deck for Shadowrun is much more than just a tarot deck. Created by Echo and Lazarus Chernik for Catalyst Game Labs, the deck is a multi-tiered, masterfully illustrated game accessory for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, and includes hundreds of puzzles, plots, and enigmas that can be at the heart of compelling campaigns. The Sixth World Tarot comes complete with 78 full-color tarot cards and a guidebook.

Includes booklet and 78 SILVER-GILT cards that are 6-1/4" long by 3-5/16" wide.

Magnetic snap-lid box is 6-1/2" long by 3-3/4" wide by 1-5/8" thick.

Echo Arcana was written by Echo and Lazarus Chernik with full page artwork of every card, along with detailed descriptions of how the history of Tarot influenced their creation of each and every card.

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