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Shadowrun 6 "No Future"


Shadowrun Cover Art "No Future" - Signed by artist.

This cover actually had two parts. The main cover was of a wild street child surrounded by augmented and virtual reality. That was printed on a clear slip-case and when removed it revealed the dark and sinister real world beneath the glitzy illusions.

A word from Lazarus: "There is a very deep and emotional under-current to this piece. The model was a lovely young girl who posed for Echo a few years earlier to be in Shadowrun pieces, but Echo was just waiting for the right assignment. She appeared on the Sixth World Tarot card Five of Cups before this. Then she died tragically. When the assignment for No Future was given, it was an emotional event. With her mother's permission, this lovely woman has become an icon for Shadowrun's duality of dystopian hope. Don't let the title fool you. She is fighting for your future and mine."