Meet the Diamond Eyes Models!

Model: Cafecita

Represented by: Kat and Runa, Henchfolk

Frog Art Nouveau Cat

Familial Name: Cafecita (Kah-fay-see-tah) or simply Cita

Particular Name: Kerfuffelskrunch

Deep and Inscrutable Singular Name: Ah. No. Not answering that.

Breed: Calico-Tortoise Mix

Lives Left (at time of questionnaire)Three (3). I think.

Brief Bio: After a turbulent youth (arrested and escaped prison multiple times), I turned away from seeking fame and fortune and eventually arranged for a permanent settlement that suited me with a loyal staff.

Favorite Activities: Hunting, massages (giving and receiving), and providing my staff with general enrichment.

Favorite Things: My rainbow catnip toy. Human chests.

Career Goals: Already answered that. I've accepted my life as is, and as long as I don't have to travel any longer, I am happy.

Model: Livvi

Represented by: Echo, Angel of Mercy

Frog Livvi Cat

Familial Name: Livvi or Livvy

Particular Name: Sparklejets

Deep and Inscrutable Singular Name: I don't know what that is.

Breed: Dumpster Diamond (Khao Manee)

Lives Left (at time of questionnaire): 1. Still recovering from brutal abandonment and fighting feline leukemia.

Favorite Activities: Sleeping without fear and taunting my new boyfriend. 

Favorite Things: Squeezable treats.

Career Goals: Enjoy every day while it lasts.