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THE TRUE DRAGON OF ATLANTA - Signed Paperback Novel


When a 75-ton magical temple bell threatens to ring Truth through the city of Atlanta, it is up to a young liar and her found family of misfits to stop it!

A Signed Novel by Best-Selling and Award-Winning
Lazarus Black

"Lazarus Black is a terrific writer with an irresistible narrative flare.
A real winner — you can bet on it!"
— Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Hominids, Writers of the Future Judge, and Four-Time Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient for Fiction

A struggling young woman inherits magic and a 75-Ton temple bell that could destroy the world.

The True Dragon of Atlanta is a 550 page epic magical realist novel with adult language and themes (sexy talk but no sex).

May’s mundane world is about to explode, and all because of one Bell that tolls only Truth. When an insane ancient evil appears in Atlanta to ring it, May knows better than any the power inherent in Lies.

But May is no epic hero. Her life is chaos. A 23 year-old high school dropout, she is lonely, responsible for aging family and twin delinquent children, in mountains of debt, at the end of her best years as an escort, and somehow can’t get herself to sell the treasures she steals from her clients. The last thing she needs are ghosts, visions, and magical powers she can’t control. It is just more work and more chaos. So, she amasses a found-family of misfits from the fringes of the world to help save it: Bison is a frustrated fashion giant. Benji is a True drunken Master. Cookie is legitimately afraid of the world, while Ricardo just hates it. And Cake is Nobody's friend. Trapped in a tornado between good and evil, truth and lies, youth and wisdom, human and not, one moment of May’s life will define the future of reality. And she only knows one thing for certain. The bell must not ring!